We have visited holiday cottage OH73ELK twice during 2018. The first time was in June. In instance we fell in love with the cottage and the surrounding nature where main elements are pure water lake and peninsula of an island. The radio station with its tower and antennas has been professionally built having in mind maximum comfort for the licensed guests. More antennas and accessories are in the works :)

The second time we came in July with our friends for a week. We used our time to visit the world-renown Savonlinna Opera Festival having the pleasure to see top performances of Faust and Otello. The historic Olavinlinna Castle makes a splendid venue for such music events. We strongly recommend a visit there to all music lovers spending their vacation in the Amateur Radio cottage during July.

The rental QTH OH73ELK is an ideal place for holidays, especially for those of us who want to combine no-noise Amateur Radio operation with beauty and peace of Nature. The radio station is well equipped for troublefree contacts around the globe even with low power. Swimming and fishing, as well as picking berries and mushrooms offer enjoyable moments for all family members. During summer it is fascinating to watch the nature from a rowboat while in wintertime you can enjoy skiing on the frozen ice of the lake.

The hospitable hosts guide you into the use of the cottage and they are ready to offer assistance in all possible situations. We are deeply greatful to them for letting us to be the first guests at the OH73ELK holiday cottage and enjoy the atmosphere of their paradise. We both look forward to visiting the cottage many more times – perhaps during other seasons of the year as well!


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