Beautiful cottage in a magic forest near a mesmerizing lake. 
We came to this beautiful place from the US with my family. It offers not only a well-equipped radioshack with eight (!) various antennas but much more activities for a family vacation. In the summer, the water in the lake is warm enough for swimming, and the daily temperature can reach 86 degrees. Fishing is excellent; you can use the boat, but we didn't need it. It was the season of blueberries, and we picked lots of them within 50 feet of

the cottage. The cottage stands in the middle of the forest, surrounded by blueberry and lingonberry bushes.  The mushroom-picking season did not start yet, but we still managed to pick some. Besides, you can just walk around the island in the mixed forest of spruce, birch, and pine trees. 
Big thanks to Alex and Raisa for the hospitality and wonderful experience!
73, AB3VN