6 wonderful days at OH73ELK cottage

I have been hamradio operator for almost 33 years and have never thought to operate on such beautiful scenery and station in my life.

My wife and I arrived on the 5th July to OH73ELK cottage and for us was our first time in Scandinavia, first time in Finland and first time we rented a car (I do not like to drive, that’s the reason that I mention it here).

Apart the hamradio activity we met very friendly people, we knew a new country and we saw the midnight sun, indeed very beautiful and magical at same time. Concerning the hosts they are outstanding people and hams, they were always caring about us and always giving us advices, they are really amazing human beings. About station itself: 

it is a dream came through:

1) very good radio (first time I operated an IC-7300 and no problems at all);

2) very good directional antenna, it works quite fine;

3) 40 and 80m antennas work very well;

4) most important of these is zero qrm on all bands.

Some days before our flight on 5th July they gave us instructions how to operate station, how to manage garbage, how to find station, how to operate with several devices inside house, how to operate with sauna, just to name a few things. All instructions are very clear to understand and although my first language is not the english, I did not have troubles to follow them accurately. As a first CT over there I felt really honoured and happy to give to my wife some moments of pure relaxation, she needed and deserved it after 6 months of hard work. For those who like to combine hamradio, relaxation, exploring new countries, learning new cultures, the OH73ELK station is definitively a place to go.

To Raisa and Alex my deep thanks to provide us, my wife and I, so memorable vacations in a such so beautiful scenery.

Best 73/88 all, CT1DRB David and wife.