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OH73ELK in IARU World Championship

Our guest Bruno F4JIK spontaneously decided to take part in the IARU HF World Championship 2023 from ELK Shack. The conditions were not easy due to the thunderstorm. But still: Bruno managed 622 QSO on 20/15/10 with our Yagi.

09 July 2023
A new Kelemen wire antenna 40/20 m

TNX to Ric DL2VFR we have one more Kelemen antenna now. For 40/20 - as additional antenna for these important bands. The SWR immediately settled in the center of both bands at 1.05-1.1, no adjustment was required. The picture shows an updated general plan of ELK antennas.

03 April 2023
K5MSK - our guest from Texas

For the first time in his life Michael saw a FROZEN LAKE, went out on the ICE, experienced FINNISH SAUNA and Finnish KICKSLEDDING. He will work on 20/15/10m SSB 14.02-19.02. This is a good time for ELK AWARD ;-)

11 February 2023
ELK DX Commander - for WARC bands and more

This well-known antenna from Callum M0MCX, modified by Jens DG1OAM is installed in "experimental mode" first of all for WARC, since we have different antennas for all other bands. Let's see how it behaves in the Finnish snowdrift

05 December 2022
Who will receive the 300th ELK AWARD?

This week our friend Jens DG1OAM is actively QRV in ELK Shack using FT8. TNX his activities the ELK Award founder/manager YL Raisa received a lot of new applications. She has already sent (for free) almost three hundred Awards to hams from 40 countries! Raisa tells soon who will be the 300th

08 September 2022