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Northern lights+the constellation Cassiopeia

This photo does not show very well, but recently the sky above Elk's house was lit up with Aurora. And on the air there was a nice auroral propagation with a its hissing CW tone and hoarse SSB voices. 10 m band Aurora QSO with local Finnish stations and US west coast were surprising!

29 March 2022
1213 QSO in WAG Contest 2021

Congratulation to our current German guests - multi operator team: Ric DL2VFR, Friedrich DL4BBH and Klaus DL7UXG. They participated from the ELK Shack with our contest call OG7Z! WAG Contest means "Worked All Germany" . Waiting for the official results!

17 October 2021
DX holiday in Finland for the second time

Our regular guests Mario JE1ABU & Yukari made the long journey from Tokyo to OH73ELK again. This time, they not only drank coffee in the boat, but also mastered swimming on the sup board :-) Now all vaccinated people from any country can enter Finland without tests/restrictions !

01 October 2021
The ELK is On the Air again!

Since July 27, 2021, Finland has removed most of the border restrictions (there are practically no restrictions for vaccinated tourists at all)! We are pleased with the third visit of Ric DL2VFR and his son Ole to the ELK-land. Ric will be QRV from 40m to 10m until the end of July

28 July 2021
Finland made it much easier for tourists to enter

Finland lifted most of the travel restrictions from July 1 for European tourists. Also for some other countries with a good epidemic situation. We hope our Yagi will start rotating regularly again soon. Ham guests from Germany, Japan and the Czech Republic are expected in the coming weeks.

02 July 2021